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Magically deliver precious moments with Revealio Cards!

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I received my first Revealio card from my girlfriend while being stationed overseas. Being able to carry a personalized card everywhere I went, and using the app to see the video message anytime I wanted, made me feel closer to her, and the distance not seem as far. I have never seen a card or technology like this before, and still keep it with me to this day.

Joshua Colbert

US Army



verb (used with object)
1. To magically unveil; display; appear

Revealio cards came as a result of a vision Michelle Calloway had a few years ago. Michelle has always cherished her relationships with friends and family. When a friend introduced her to mobile augmented reality, she envisioned a magical new way to keep people connected and feeling loved. By marrying the physical world of greeting cards, to the virtual world of digital content, Revealio opens a magical portal for expression and connection.

Michelle Calloway

Michelle Calloway


A fun-loving, graphic designer turned visionary, who loves to use technology to stay connected to loved ones all over the world.

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