Augmented Reality For The Heart. . . REVEALiO – Cards That Come Alive!

Tradition meets technology with these amazing interactive cards that allow recipients to experience you in a magical way through the use of mobile augmented reality technology. Our personalized video-enhanced (print) cards are perfect for weddings, newborns, love, thank you notes, and much much more! The possibilities are endless…Give the lasting impression of a timeless gift!

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will NEVER forget how you made them feel.” – Maya Angelou

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What is REVEALiO?

REVEALiO is an augmented reality company offering DIY personalized interactive (printed) greeting cards. A physical greeting card with virtual capability. Have you ever wished you could say more than you could with a simple greeting card? It’s now possible, easy, and affordable! Make the card your own and add a whole new level of messaging through video and interactive buttons!  Your recipients will not only see you on the card, but they’ll be able to hear and interact with you as well. It’s truly amazing! It’s magic!

Available on Android and iOS


Card Themes

Personalization of a photo card has never been so robust and so easy. REVEALiO templates are designed with themes, offering complete editing capability on the front and the back of the card. A “love” themed card can be used for Valentine’s day or a Thinking of You card. Give it that extra personal touch by signing the back of the card with a digital signature. The steps are quick, simple, and easy! Create your Revealio card today!


REVEALiO baby-themed templates are perfect for newborn announcements, birthdays, christenings and more. Magically deliver these precious moments with an unforgettable connection your loved ones can hold in the palm of their hand.


REVEALiO love-themed templates are perfect for sending a message of love, thinking of you, get well, or as a Valentine. A picture is worth a thousand words. Adding your voice to that picture through video is priceless!


REVEALiO wedding-themed templates are perfect for invitations, save-the-date cards, thank you notes, and more. Engage and include your loved ones into your special moment. Send a personal video-enhanced connection that allows them to experience YOU emotionally.

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I received my first REVEALiO card from my girlfriend while being stationed overseas. Being able to carry a personalized card everywhere I went, and using the app to see the video message anytime I wanted, made me feel closer to her, and the distance not seem as far. I have never seen a card or technology like this before, and still keep it with me to this day.


Joshua Colbert

US Armed Forces

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